Who we are

Das Logo des RZEThe RZE is part of the Faculty of Law at Saarland University. The institution was founded to research and analyze the legal and political evolution of the EU and its member states. On this scientific basis the members compile solutions for relevant legal problems, that contribute significantly to the process of european unification.

What we do

Online eventWe make science tangible. By integrating different multimedial concepts, though mostly in german, the RZE conveys the knowledge of its members to interested citizens.

The members research, in their respective field of competence, the legal structures of the EU and its external relations. Special attention is given to the relations between Germany and other EU member states, especially to the bilateral relations between Germany and France. In addition the relations to states that don’t belong to the EU are taken into consideration. Depending on their field of interest, the members also offer expertise to public institutions on national and international level.

As an Institution with european focus we know that true progress can only be generated by communicating and working together. For that reason the RZE is involved in initiating Projects in the fields of research and developement, that promote an exchange between different national and international participants.

legal basis

Decisions on the use of the funds allocated to the RZE and generated by the RZE in accordance with the applicable regulations and resolutions of the university bodies are taken by the Executive Board (Vorstand). Details on the regulations can be found here.